Jeremy Meeks Canoodling With Chloe Green in Hotel Pool on Estranged Wife's Birthday

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Talk about worst birthday ever. Just when ‘ estranged wife celebrated her birthday, the hot felon was spotted reuniting with rumored girlfriend Chloe Green on a PDA-filled hotel pool date on Friday, July 14.

Following the news that Jeremy for legal separation from his wife of eight years Melissa Meeks, the felon-turned-model was featured in photos obtained by , canoodling with the Topshop heiress in an L.A. hotel pool. The pair couldn’t keep their hands off each other as they continued showing off their passionate PDA.

The 26-year-old British beauty donned a white bikini, while sweeping her hair back to reveal her diamond earrings. Her hot companion, meanwhile, opted for a casual look in swimming trunks and white T-shirt. They looked equally besotted while floating around the pool in a passionate embrace. They even attempted to recreate “” famous lift.

The duo surely enjoyed their reunion after caught passionately making out aboard a 180ft superyacht earlier this month during romantic yet controversial Turkey getaway. They were giggling together and staring lovingly into each other’s eyes. Chloe’s manager Jim Jordan could be seen taking a picture of them cozying up to each other in the pool.

At one point, Chloe traded her white bikini with equally revealing black ensemble. Back into the water, the pair shared a passionate kiss before they could be seen lovingly smiling at each other. “They were definitely in full effect with their public PDA. They couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. I thought they were going to get hot and heavy right there on the lounge chairs. But, they’re really nice together. He absolutely looks happy to be with her. They looked to really be enjoying each other’s company,” a pool-goer told .

“Jeremy and Chloe were here for a while. They laid all over each other, had a couple smokes and took a few dips in the pool in between basking in the sun. Chloe left before Jeremy did, though. Another guy came up here to chill with him and they kicked back for a while ordering drinks and smoking before going back into the hotel. Just real guy stuff,” the eyewitness continued. “He was dressed in the complimentary pool shorts and the white t-shirts. He looked real normal aside from the tattoos in conspicuous places.”

Meanwhile, Jeremy’s wife, who previously the 33-year-old hunk at their California home after his return from Turkey, took to her Instagram account to share a snap from her birthday party without her estranged husband. “#birthday #wishes,” she simply captioned the photo of her pouting with a female companion besides her. Shortly after, she posted an emotional cryptic photo, which read, “Better to be slapped with the truth then kissed with a lie.”


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